Screenagers Tech Talk Tuesday by Delaney Ruston MD

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SUBJECT: Counseling for Screen Time Struggles

In some homes, managing screen time is the source of a lot of stress and tension. It can often be downright toxic.

In one of my favorite scenes in SCREENAGERS, we see Amaryllis, a grandmother raising her grandson Chris, in a counselor’s office getting help setting limits on violent video game playing for Chris who is having frequent meltdowns. The counselor gives the grandmother specific strategies to help establish and maintain screen time limits.

Finding a coach or a counselor can be hard and often is compounded by the fact that many mental health professionals do not take insurance. This is in part because insurance companies grossly undervalue mental health care and reimburse at a low rate.

But, coaching and counseling can come from many places, i.e., an insightful friend, a religious leader or congregant, a support group, or a relative, just to name a few.

For this TTT, I explore the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries and reaching out for professional help when you need it.


SUBJECT: 11 Podcasts for Family Summer Car Trips

I have been an avid podcast listener for the past 15 years. I primarily listen when I exercise or on car rides with the family. Long ago when I was in medical school, I would listen to audio tapes on medicine topics while running.

Summer is here and podcasts are perfect for road trips with the family. Who knows, maybe your family, or kids, or students will be inspired to create their own podcast this summer.

I realize that the best podcast suggestions give specific episodes, so for each of these podcast shows I have done just that.

Podcasts to Listen to with your Family