Annual Family Contribution

Who is John Pettinato and what did he establish in 1993?  Trivia buff extraordinaire, Rich B, stated it best:  

"John is a Social Worker/Teacher who started the Institute for Collaborative Education for children who had a hard time fitting in and developing in "regular" public schools. Loosely modeled after Alexander Neill at Summerhill but without the self-governing. He was the principal for about 20 years."

Thanks to the vision, drive and fearlessness of John Pettinato, we have I.C.E., the splendid NYC public school that educates our kids regardless of politics, scandal, and fiscal restraints.  Though the school has undergone many changes since its inception, it still bucks the trends that would make it "regular". 

If you haven't already made your Family Contribution reach for your checkbook and donate. 

Matching Contribution - Does your company offer corporate matching? If so, you may be able to double (or even triple) your contributions to I.C.E.! If you donate to the Family Contribution Drive, these donations are eligible for matching programs.  You can also check with your HR department.