ICE PAC (Parent Action/Education Advocacy Committee)

Middle school families:

As our children showed us on Wednesday, sometimes the most powerful tactic is walking out. When you (and your actions) say, "Stop! I refuse to accept the norm--things can and should be different," it can force the powers that be to stop ignoring you and sit up and take notice. 

For years concerned parents wrote letters, signed petitions, called elected officials, even boarded buses to Albany in an effort to push the state to change its high-stakes testing policies. Nothing changed. But when families initiated a mass boycott of the NY state math and ELA tests, the state finally started to tweak its testing program and has made some important changes, including forbidding holding children back solely or primarily for poor test performance. But there is still a long way to go. These tests are still used to close schools against community wishes (mostly in under-resourced communities of color). Pressure to do well on them warps instruction in too many schools (again, mostly in under-resourced communities of color). Think about this when you decide whether or not your child should participate in this system. If you decide you're out, complete this simple form on our website. (En Español) After you fill out the form and hit SUBMIT, you'll see a screen confirming that your wish to opt out has been recorded and that notification of your refusal has been emailed to administration.

This 2-minute video features a mom from Washington Heights talking about how the tests perpetuate and exacerbate the class divide. ("What separated my kids from others? Wealth and access.") Also in Spanish.