ICE PAC (Parent Action/Education Advocacy Committee

We are pleased to announce that we now have video ready from the 2/7/18 event, A Standardized Test is a Poor Substitute for Justice: the Intersection of High-Stakes Testing and Race in NYC schools. The video is broken into 6 sections (with one more to come). Part 1, "Black Childhood Matters," showcases moderator Takiema Bunche Smith's moving opening remarks. Links to the other sections ("Related Videos") can be found in the description that accompanies that video. If you have limited time to watch, definitely catch Part 4a (featuring ICE teacher Jehan) and Part 4b (featuring ICE senior & Posse Scholar Chris Lopez); they did us proud.

The state ELA & Math tests are around the corner (2nd week of April and early May). The school is obligated by law to offer the tests, but students are not required to take them. If you wish to refuse the tests for your child, you'll see ICE PAC parents with test refusal ("opt out") letters roaming around parent-teacher conferences next week. You sign; we'll collect and deliver to administration. New to the school and wonder what opt out looks like at ICE? If this year is anything like the previous 5, the vast majority (over 80%) of students will not be taking the tests. Practically speaking, that means that unlike at many other schools, testing days will look more or less like regular school days, with most teachers staying with their classes and teaching. A few will proctor exams for those students who choose to test. In the coming weeks, ICE PAC will be distributing information about the tests and initiating gradewide test-focused e-discussions. We look forward to answering any testing or opt out questions you may have at that time.