Meet the Spring Fling Committee!

We thought we'd introduce all of the awesome parents working to make the Spring Fling happen. 

We're gathering donations for an awesome auction and planning a super-fun party for June1st. Have something to donate? Want to join the committee or just volunteer to help out a bit? Hit us up if you see us around ICE, or reach out to us by email.  

Johanna Abinusawa,(Adetayo Abinusawa, 9th)
Stephanie Anderson (Elle Aronowitz, 702)
Arnold Barkus  & Gabrielle Hamill (Ali Barkus, 601)
Jennifer Belle (Jasper Krents, 703)
Miguel Clarke (Maddox Clarke, 802)
Rachel Cohen (Isaac Smith, 801)
Kristen Couse (Wile Schwarz-Couse, 802)
Kirsti Craig (Wyatt Craig-Michaels, 10th)
Amy Gropp Forbes (Beatrice 6th+ Owen + Oliver Forbes 9th)
Arza Gilad (Aya Gilad-Muth, 603)
Rene van Haaften (Cleo Van Haaften, 601)
Gail Greenberg (Ava Hanadel, 902)
Raheesha Harrison (Savannah Harrison, 602)
Ileen Kohn (Milena Sosa, 1101)
Annette Tacconelli (Sal Pinciotti,1003)