Half Price Film Making Summer Camp for ICE Students 

If we have two or more students interested in signing up for this program, they have agreed to half price on tuition. Email Lisa to let her know if your child is interested, and maybe they want to do it with a friend! 

Filmmaking Summer Camp

Enjoy an exciting week of interactive filmmaking experience in a fun-filled, textbook-free environment. This unique summer camp challenges your child to work creatively as individuals as well as in teams.

In one amazing action-packed week, our campers, ages 13-18, will learn to handle professional equipment including lighting, video camera, computer editing program and go through all stages of film production:

  • Creative Screenwriting
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Acting

The camp emphasizes on the encouragement of the children to express themselves and their artistic visions through the process of filmmaking. Guided by industry professionals each step of the way, participants will learn the fundamental skills in filmmaking. Visit the website to learn more.