ICE PAC (Parent Action/Education Advocacy Committee) 

Middle School Families: Over 80% of eligible 6th-8th graders refused the state ELA tests earlier this month. If your child took the ELA but you have decided to refuse the math (scheduled for May 1 & 2), you can do so via online link in English or Spanish.

All Families: Even if your child is in high school so exempt from state 3-8 testing, even if they're at ICE where we're largely exempt from the Regents, there's the SAT or ACT to consider (or not). A new documentary about standardized testing called “The Test & The Art of Thinking” will screen at Landmark’s 57 West from April 27-May 3. From the film's producer: "Each year more than 3 million high school students in the U.S. take an SAT or ACT college entrance exam. What exactly do these tests measure? How predictive are they of academic promise or success? Parents, students, and academics reflect upon this uniquely American rite of passage, exposing fascinating issues that extend broadly within education. Watch the trailer and visit the event page to learn more.